Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Final Blog Post!

For my final project, I used the style of Henri-Edmond Cross and twisted the Impressionistic and Pointillistic style into a more modern style of Impressionist art. I wanted to pick something out of the ordinary to be my center piece for the painting so I chose a jellyfish and an octopus. Cross painted sea schemes but only painted the ocean waves so I wanted to go deeper into those waves and paint what lies on the ocean ground.
The jelly fish and the octopus has a blue background with white paint almost scraped on. I used this technique as my impressionistic, blotchy, stroke technique. At the bottom I added the dark thick strokes to incorporate a little bit of the actual style. The jellyfish and octopus are created out of vibrant, bright colors that would not be seen on these creatures. This is another aspect I put a twist on. The colors and the bright strokes make the painting pop and moves your eye all around the painting. I painted with thick paint to create actual texture and added the white to make it look perceived texture in the photos.
The focal point of the jelly fish is the bright yellow and red in the head of the body. The variety of colors in the tentacles quickly moves your eye from the head to the bottom of the painting. for the octopus, the bright red tentacle pulls your eye in and the brighter greens and reds move your eye around the piece. The darker tentacles in the background are the last ones to be spotted since they kind of fade in the background.

The literal answer to the question you asked would be the paint, paintbrushes and left over Bristol and drawing paper that I did not use. I took away a lot of techniques that I learned in the class such as new painting styles and how to paint with ink. Your class made me go out of my element and paint more abstract paintings which I turned out to really enjoy. The only thing that I would comment on to make the class better would be the amount of writing that is attached to the class. I liked writing thEblog posts but I would rather spend more time painting and drawing than writing the blog posts. overall loved your class!