Friday, February 3, 2017

John Berger: Ways of Seeing

                  I chose to watch the video on John Berger: Ways of Seeing on YouTube. It started off with talking about cameras and how before cameras were invented, everyone saw art standing in front of it at a museum. "I am an eye, a mechanical eye. I the machine show you a world the way only I can see it." I really thought this quote was a neat way to depict the role of a camera when it takes a picture of art. The invention of camera changes the way we things now. We can see details that weren't possible to see before.
                 Berger brings up the topic of paintings and how there are so many copies around the world. He says that the reproductions are distorted and are not identical. He also says that the original art is unique and authentic which I agree with. On the other hand though, if someone copied an actual painting and it was spot on, I most likely would not be able to tell you if the painting was the original or not so I would find the copy still unique. Berger definitely a passionate guy when he comes to talk about what he believes in.
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