Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Kubler: Shape of Time

In the document written by Kubler, The Shape of Time, I liked the analogy of using a train track to describe the path of an artist. It is important for an artist to follow on their track but keep in mind and extend their view further beyond or behind their path. Kulber separates his writing into a few sections. In talent and genius he mentions the famous artists but brings up the idea that it is not just their talent that makes them famous. It's the time, energy and power of the artist, concentration and the fortune that the author has. In the invisible chain section talks about how an artist has a chain of prior events that lead him to his art.
Kulber's writing offers a different view on the uniqueness of the artists but it also reviews the importance of each individual artwork that an artist makes and how many things contribute to that genius and famous aspect of a painter. Everyone will remember a famous artist because of all of the things that contribute to their art and their fame.

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